The biggest lake in the Kaski and the second biggest in Nepal, Phewa Lake, has developed as Pokhara’s central tourist area. You can hike along its shore or hire a boat to explore the lakeside. It takes a day to check out the distant banks and villages where you can observe the aquatic life, birds and fisherman collecting the day’s catch. Don’t miss the stunning reflection of the snow- capped Annapurna range in the calm waters of Phewa lake early in the morning. The surface area of the lake is about 4.43 square kilometer and the maximum depth is about 13 meters. A myth about the formation of Phewa lake tels about the Goddess Barahi, whose temple used to stand behind Harpan river, close to a village on the eastern bank of the river. One day goddess Barahi visited the village in the guise of an old woman. She begged from door to door and warnde the god folks who gave her alms that a flood would swept away the village and turns the valley into the huge lake. Soon after, it rained heavily for more than a week. As the goddess had foretold, a flood swept away the village and a part of the hill, where Fishtail Lodge stands at present, slid down and blocked the river, forming a lake.