Lumbini, the birth place of Siddhartha Gautam, the Sakya prince and the ultimate Buddha, the Enlightened one is the pilgrimage destination of the world’s millions of people faithful to all schools of Buddhism. This nativity site, identified by Indian Emperor Ashok commemorative pillar is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The main attraction at Lumbini remains the sacred Garden spread over 8 Sq km and possesses all the treasures of the historic area. The Maya Devi temple is the main attraction for pilgrims and archaeologists’ alike. It situated 250 km south from Katmandu. It is accessible fly to Bhairawa and 22 km drive from there. There are plenty of Hotels which are different standard. Place to see in Lumbini Lumbini is the fourth largest tourist destination in Nepal.More than 50000 tourists visit the area every year.There are several places within Lumbini and close to Lumbini that one should try to visit.Besides the birth place itself and associated struchutes such as The Rummindei Pillar or Ashokan Pillar, Dhrmaswami Maharaja Buddha Vihara,There are other places such as Tilaurkot place, Kapilvastu, Aroarakot, Gotihawa, Kudan, Niglihawa, Sagarhawa,Devdha, Ramagrama etc. Nature Tourism in Lumbini Ecotourism is traveling to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated areas with the spcific object of studying, admiring,and enjoying the scenery, Its wild plants and animals , as well as any exiting cultural manifestations fourn in these areas. Farmland o Lumbinin has beenidentified as an important Bird Area having high biodiversity and unique ecosystems in Nepal Bird specialties include,Sarus, Crane,Lesser Adjutant, Indian Spotted Eagle, White rumped Vulture, Sleder-billed Vulture,Red – headed vulture, cinereous Vulture and Egyptian Vulture and several other birds of prey, owls,etc.Mammals include Nilgai(largest antelope in the indian subcontinent) Asiatic Golden Jackal, Jungle cat,Grey mongoose etc. A two hour drive westward to jagdishpur reservior will be interesting or several water bird species.Jagdishpur is a Ramsar site as well as in IBA.Many bird species visit thes man made reservoir during the winter time. Gainda Tal/Gainda Lake It is one of the most important wetlands of Nepal for birds and biodiversity.It is situated 17km north of Lumbini. The lake has varieties o birds,mammals and other reptiles. The area has natural Sal forests protected by local community.There is also a community managed vulture restaurant where threatened vultures come to feed on dead bodies. One can reach Gaidahawa Tal we will go by car from Lumbini which takes only half and hour.You can reach Gaidahawa Tal from East-west highway by taking a road that is 14 km south towards Lumbini.