Devi’s Fall is a fascinating waterfall located 2 km southwest of Lakeside on the Siddartha Highway. The water overflowing Phewa Lake, which drops into a cavernous gorge, forms the fall. The water reappears a kilometer south and merges with a rivulet called Phusre Khola. The cavern is about 10 meters across and more than 100 meters deep from the land level. The swirl of water generates lovely rainbows that flicker against the water vapor before disappearing into the earth. The local name for the waterfall is Patale Chhango, but it is better known in the tourist community as Devi’s Fall following a tragic death of a Swiss lady who slipped into the cavern. In 1961 July 31, a Swiss couple, along with their dog, was having the bath just above the waterfall and at the mean time, the dam of Phewa lake were opened and the incoming torrent swept away the lady down into the hole. The husband somehow survived