Nepal’s first National Park is situated 162 km south of Kathmandu in the lowlands or th inner Terai.It covers an area of The park includes hilly areas covered by deciduocus sal forest.One fifth of the Park is made up of the floodplanins of Narayani,Rapti & the Reu rivers and is covered by dense tall elephant grass interspersed with riverine forests of silk cotton,acacia and sisam trees.The ecologically diverse area is a heaven of a wide variety of flora &fauna This is the last remaining home in Nepal for the Asian one horned rhino , rare royal bengal tiger and leopard,varieties of deer, sloth bear, rhesus & languor monkey,wild boar, bluecow, wilddogs,jackals , civets, mongoose cats and snakes.The rivers and lakes are home for crocodiles(marsh Mugger & Gharial) and the extraordinary gangetic dolphins. Chitwan is also a bird-watchers delight with more than four hundered migrants and local species birds recorded.There are cormorants,herons egrets,storks,cranes, ducks woodpeckers, hawks, osprey, falcons, kestrel parakeets,ibis, kites, cuckoos, kingfishers,swallows, orioles,drangos, babblers, flycatchers and many others.