Chamero Gupha as it is known in Nepali, is filled with bats. This cave is located 500 meters to the west of Mahendra Cave. Exploring this popular cave is an adventure. Its natural environment attracts thousands of bats. Visitors need to enter the cave with a torch light as electric lamps have not been installed and the path goes through uneven and slippery rock surface with water dripping from the ceiling. You can hear a haunting sound inside the cave even from the entrance. The Bat’s Cave is about 135 meters long with an average height of six meters. A small stream flows deep under the rocks. One end of the cave is a small narrow hole. However, the cave is amazingly spacious at the center. There are large boulders inside the cave, from which one can look around the cave. In the middle of the cavern, one can see hundreds of bats hanging from the ceiling. Locating the exit to the dark cave is indeed an adventurous task. This cave is not one for those who have claustrophobia or don’t f