Bandipur is an ancient trading town of quaint streets and charming atmosphere. It is situated on a ridge top south of Dumre which lies 135 km out on the Kathmandu -Pokhara highway. Travel to Bandipur can be attained via a two-hour climb from Dumre.  While the other trading posts of the Nepali hills have modernized, Bandipur retains its age old cultural attributes. It still has its temples, shrines, holy caves and Newari architecture that speaks to the Kathmandu Valley of old. The Bandipur caves attract pilgrims and travel adventurers alike. Being the countries largest caves, they are also the most accessible. The limestone formations of the caves at Bandipur, have both geologic and religious significance to Nepal. Kathmandu or Pokhara and arriving mid-day at Dumre Bazaar. From here you can hike to Bandipur or take a bus or jeep to the link road.